Monday, 4 November 2013

The Perils of a Change Addiction

One of the key attributes of a change addict is their constant attention to what can potentially be as opposed to what is.  And thus the brain is busy...  Busy with things that are not actually in existence yet...  
Unfortunately, while that is exciting, there are some definite draw backs.  Since the brain is always busy with the potential of something, it pays much less attention to the things that are and as a result, things like ‘passwords,’ ‘pins’ and ‘login details’... always seem to get misfiled, misplaced or forgotten. 

So clearly: while my brain is very busy analysing information, it’s not so concerned with remembering it. 
And so information is stored in others ways: like by the pattern it makes or the touchtone of the keypad, etc.  But when the keys are switched (ATM and computer keyboards have the numbers the opposite way) or the tones changed, you’re in trouble. 

And so I have just spent the last hour trying to guess my own password.  But sadly when I set the password a few months ago, my brain could have been busy with anything and I truly have no idea what the password is. 
And so now I am waiting for a phone call from an external company that will reset my own password and allow me access to my own file, which I created for my own usage on my own computer.   

Seriously..., this is what I am talking about when I say I wish this brain came with its own manual ‘pause’ switch.  It regularly pays more attention to things like what would motivate someone to mix the remnants of dead sheep into cow feed, an animal that is by choice 100% herbivore, colour theory, whether our dog might have chains of cat chromosomes mixed in with his puppy genes or whether your moral sensor is also applicable to the choices you make in your dreams, etc. 
Thus, being fully occupied on a regular basis with, perhaps less useful but, essentially fascinating information, it would seem that my brain often engages in these mental aerobics at the expense of potentially more useful information like passwords, meeting times, dates, etc.  Which sadly, actually ends up annoying me when it forces me to do the exact thing that I hate the most; waste my time!   

Unfortunately, we live in an era when everything is pass-worded, has a login or needs a pin number for access and the time spent trying to remember those details probably ends up wasting more time than it benefits me, by promising to protect my privacy.  And sadly, it does not look like things will get better soon. 
I would just like to humbly request that we move on to DNA comparison or fingerprint access on things like computer files very soon, for the sake of those like me, who have a memory like a sieve. 

And incidentally, 29 is much too young for Alzheimer’s.     
Good news... another hour later, I have remembered, and so life continues until the next time I am forced to scratch my head and waste my time. 

So the only thing I can do it would seem, is to relate my password back to the one that that never changes:  My age. 


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