Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Diplomatic Truths from a Change Addict

The art of publishing has changed over the years.  No longer are publishers willing to take the risk of publishing work without the guarantee of the author’s ability to pull an audience.  And so it has forced me to enter the world of blogging, a platform which I have deliberately avoided to date.  A decision that was based largely because I know myself and I seem to suffer from an uncanny ability to tell the truth, whether people would like to hear it or not and so somehow foresee myself in the middle of unnecessary intellectual debate. 
Now the bible says that “the truth will set you free,” and that is true when you are willing to hear it and receive it.  But every other time it simply seems to piss people off.  And so it would seem that I somehow need to balance the truth with a sprinkling of diplomacy.  I have a strong suspicion that I will not always succeed. 

The other challenge has been to identify a topic about which I would be able to blog about on a regular basis.  The problem is, I seem to suffer from another serious short-coming; a general lack of focus.  The only thing consistent in my head is its constant ability to consider something new.  I always tell people it’s hard living with my brain, a statement to which my sister responded, “try being your sister”.     
And so I reserve the right to change my opinion in the face of new information, change my mind as and where the wind blows,  change my topic when I feel like it, and change my strategy when I deem fit.        
So through all that, there is a theme however; change.
I view change as progress.  Change grows and develops.  Change can make things better than they are now.  Change is the one thing my brain always seems to be busy with. 
And so could I possibly be a change addict? 

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