Thursday, 10 October 2013

Good Parenting - Miniskirts and Varicose Veins

The key to good parenting (consider the source) is to know that it is of paramount importance that your children think you have at least one screw loose... and the others well on their way!
Let’s face it; parenting in today’s world is much more difficult than twenty years ago.  So in a crazy world, I say, bring out the crazy parent. 

There are arguments that I simply do not engage in at my house.  Dressing modestly is simply an expectation.  So the rule of thumb is this; “you may wear whatever you like, provided your mother can pick you up from high school wearing the same outfit”. 
There is no negotiation here.  It is simply a threat I am willing to carry out and embarrassment is a two way street.   

Let’s face it; no teenager wants their Mom showing up at school in hot pants and bare midriff.  It may be more socially acceptable on a teenager, but let’s face it, after gravity has been pulling on the backside for a while, stretch marks and cellulite ... well..., I am sure you get the picture. 
That being said, it brings a whole other level of excitement about becoming a grandmother!    

Imagine the kids addressing my future grandson.  Hey... hey man.  Is that your Grandma wit’ a blue Mohawk?   
So here’s to miniskirts on droopy bottoms, hot pants and varicose veins and a daughter who will probably threaten her children with Grandma someday.  


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