Thursday, 24 October 2013

On Record Indefinitely...

The funny thing about starting a blog is that it requires a continuous level of commitment  and maintenance as there are expectations that have been raised and need to be met. 

Since my addiction to change, despite being scatter brained and having a mind that is always on the prowl, does require a certain level of seriousness while a blog entry, a certain level of humour and cunning, the challenge seems to be in striking the right voice and balance for the communications platform.   And so it would seem that this  process of blogging is becoming serious business.  Exactly the sort of activity that I try with absolute intention to avoid.  The serious business of being funny (my sister sent a few entries back to be filed in the “too serious” for blogging category).  A battle of wits between my ego and alter ego.     

I wonder if comedians suffer from the same sort of stress.  The stress of having to be funny on demand, at a particular time and place and sometimes, a story or joke just doesn’t reach with the intent  and impact it should.  Or magicians find out that sometimes the rabbit has actually disappeared in the hat. “Damn rabbit.”  Or the beautiful assistant accidentally gets stabbed ‘while cutting her in half’.  What were you doing still in the way of the sword?  Imagine that.  Eish (South Africanism for ‘oh crap’), got it wrong.  Would that be murder, man slaughter or would it be chalked up to ‘a work accident’?  Do magician’s assistants receive danger pay?  I wonder... 

At some level, blogging feels similar.  What if I comment on something that will haunt me when I run for political office twenty years from now (with me anything is possible and the internet holds information and makes it widely accessible like no other communications platform).  Or I end up dating one of my biggest cyber rivals who loves my ego but can’t stand my alter ego.  “You know the change addict, just cannot stand her” and I’ll be like, “yeah, I know, eh?  I mean..., where does she get that stuff...” 

It’s only been a few weeks, but I can feel the pressure mounting...         

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